Roland Digh Music Shoppe
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   Welcome friends!  So glad you found us isolated way out here on the outer fringes of cyberspace. We’re just a little country shoppe, far away from the Giant Digital Megastore CD Shopping Centers all over the Web. There’s just us out here, and we like that just fine.
Piano keyboard
  Similar to our shoppe, we like to think our music is unique also. These are songs from basically one writer, but done up with a multitude of genres, styles, arrangements and performers. They were designed to provide you with an interesting and diverse musical journey, and to challenge your senses at the same time.

   We only offer about nine items in our store (so far), and three of these are with no charge at all. We have five albums to date, with both downloads and physical albums, and we offer chord sheets and piano transcriptions. We also offer a box set of the collection of albums. Each individual song download is $.65 except for Where Poppies Blow, which has always and will always be done with no charge, just respect. Just click on the poppy. Thanks.

Old English Poppy
  If one wants to learn and sing one of the songs, and needs a guitar chord sheet, we would be honoured and will send one at no charge. As for the piano transcriptions, we had them done up, but as we don’t read music we can’t speak to their accuracy although they should be close. Again, our pleasure, no charge. Just email us with your request. shoppe door to musique lyrics and songs

We offer personal service inside, and trust that seeing as you came all this way, we can make it well worth your while. Thanks for showing up and have a wonderful day.

And if you were wondering what to do next, just enter through the door.